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Northlands - Gypsi Jig Check out the Tacklebox for some practical info and tools.  

Rapala's - Rattlin Rap

Get geared for your trip with Northland jigs and Rapala's.

Northland's - Mimic Minnow

Introduce someone to fishing this week!

Northlands - Gypsi Jig

Re-spool now with fresh line!

Mattson/Mattson/Dingmann take 1st in Panfish division and 3rd in Pike on Pokegama lake..

Northland's - Mimic Minnow

Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you respond-author unknown.

Northlands - Gypsi Jig

Book a guided open water trip now for 2018!

Rapala's - Rattlin Rap

 "Fishing is not just a sport; it is a timeless activity that has bonded family and friends for many generations."  Steve Mattson

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Boat Control Will Always Be Critical For Your Success.

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  Find the right water temperature, structure, forage
  and you'll find the fish! 

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