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Get m.a.p. to get direction!
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In-Fisherman Radio - aired across the nation (Summertime Smallmouth)
Fishing Paul Bunyan Country - aired on KBUN 101.1 (Summertime Bass angling)
Fishing Paul Bunyan Country - aired on KBUN 101.1 (Bass angling)
Fishing Paul Bunyan Country - aired on KBUN 101.1 (Tournament angling)

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Rapala Rattlin Rap Whenever you plan on storing your spinning reels for a long duration, back off the drag to increase the life of the internal parts and ensure a consistent drag system for years to come.

Northland's Mimic Minnow Fishing logs are great tools to allow anglers to recap fishing trips, establish patterns, learn and improve their overall fishing abilities and adaptability.   They can be very simple or very complex, start one today that meets your needs and helps you improve your angling prowess.

Northlands Gypsi Jig Photographs can tell the whole story.  Don’t forget to bring along the camera so you can share the story and photo with others when you release the big one.  It is best to take pictures in low-light conditions (using a flash), such as mornings, evenings and overcast days.  Keep this in mind to avoid shadows.

Rapala Rattlin Rap The off-season is a great time to clean and properly lubricate all of your spinning and baitcasting reels.  Proper maintenance will ensure many years of performance

Northland's Mimic Minnow Swipe your rod eyes with a cotton swab (q-tip) to check for burrs or chips that could damage your line.  You don’t want to break off on a four-pound smallie because of it, trust me, I know (unfortunately).  It is best to simply replace the damaged eye

Northlands Gypsi Jig The off-season is a great time to replace those rusty hooks and bent split rings on your favorite crankbaits.  It is also a great time to pre-punch out the paint from the eye of your jigs.

Rapala Rattlin Rap On Canadian-shield lakes, such as Rainy Lake, crappies are commonly found suspended over deep holes or suspended in deep water just off structure such as points.  Most fish are caught in depths of less then forty feet deep and are normally suspended 5-10 feet off bottom.  

Northland's Mimic Minnow Bluegills are fast becoming a favorite species of fish to pursue through the ice.  They are willing biters throughout the year and excellent tablefare.  Present a horizontal jig anytime of the day tipped with a wax worm or euro larvae and you'll get acquainted with a bluegill.  You can increase the odds by using light monofilament or fluorocarbon line (2-3 # test) and using a sensitive graphite rod.  Keep the line taught and get the jig near bottom amongst vegetation.

Northlands Gypsi Jig It is well known that smallmouth bass are vulnerable to a topwater presentation.   A properly presented Rapala Skitterpop can tempt em to the top in almost all conditions.  Be quiet when approaching a location and make long casts to avoid spooking the fish.

Rapala Rattlin Rap Lipless crankbaits, such as the Rattlin Rapala, are great search lures for both large and smallmouth bass.  They enable you to cover a tremendous amount of water and will cause reaction strikes from neutral and aggressive fish.  Tie one on, turn the trolling motor up and start chunking.  These baits work themselves so just keep it free of vegetation and hold on.. 

Northland's Mimic Minnow Everyone knows that spinnerbaits catch bass, but did you know they are one of the best presentations for early season bass?  Spinnerbaits work really well in low light conditions and all day if there is a little chop on the water.   

Northlands Gypsi Jig Try to be extremely quiet in the boat when targeting fish in shallow water.   Any loud noise will send the fish scurrying away to a safer haven and will spoil your chances of success. 

Rapala Rattlin Rap Think shallow this year for the walleye opener and look for walleyes just outside of any major tributary or spawning area.  Crankbaits like the Rapala Shad Rap can work wonders on these fish. 

Northland's Mimic Minnow Whenever you plan on trailering your boat for a long trip, be sure to inspect your wheel bearings for sufficient grease.  Neglecting proper maintenance of your trailer could end up ruining your fishing trip and your trailer.  It never hurts to keep a grease gun and marine grade grease in your tow vehicle at all just don't know when you might need it.

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